Disgraced former president Barrack “Hussein” Obama is still masterminding the Nibiru cover-up, says a former secret service agent who served under the Obama administration. Before unceremoniously leaving the White House, Obama took steps, including the burning of several hundred pages of Nibiru data, to guarantee Trump learned as little as possible about an impending Nibiru disaster.

Obama, our source said, became secretly obsessed with Nibiru shortly after taking office and learning that a brown dwarf star with seven orbiting planets was travelling through the solar system on a course that would eventually bring it within 0.3 astronomical units of Earth. Obama, he added, was a pugnacious bastard whose hatred of America once inspired him to say, “I hope Nibiru wipes out most life on Earth. At least Americans will be gone,” and whose devious mind saw Nibiru as means to further his diabolical agenda—the enslavement of whatever humanity remains after Nibiru.

“Obama was almost giddy when he learned about Planet X,” our source said. “I almost think he had a glimmer in his eyes. He talked about how such a thing could help him implement martial law, socialism, and aid in the creation of a one-world government—ruled by him—in the ashes of Nibiru’s wake.  When he learned Nibiru wouldn’t arrive during his tenure in the White House, he was actually saddened, but that didn’t stop him looking into the future. He figured if he wasn’t in the White House, Hillary would be, and together they would survive Nibiru and work as a duo in ruling whatever remained afterwards.”

Our source insists Obama still coordinates with Clinton and current leaders of other western nations, people like Theresa May, Prime minister Justin Treadeou, Emmanuel Macron, and Angela Merkel, all of whom, having been promised a “piece of the prize,” swore allegiance to Obama. These leaders, he said, have devised an intricate plan to mitigate resistance and incarcerate any persons challenging their authority during times of crisis.

“It’s bad, really bad,” our source said. “They’re building more FEMA camps; they have FEMA barges offshore already in various parts of the country, ready to herd people in like cattle. Walmarts across the country are ready to be converted into internment camps at a moment’s notice. Other countries have similar programs. Did you know Obama pilfered hundreds of millions of dollars from the Department of Veterans affairs—slated to help heal wounded warriors—and diverted that money to FEMA? Steele knew, and we saw what happened to him.”

His comment refers to Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent working as a liaison between 10 Downing Street and the White House during many of the Obama years. Steele claimed to have witnessed Obama personally setting fire to a large number of documents dealing with Nibiru. Shortly thereafter, the powers that be tried discredit him by falsely naming him as the author of a fake-news story involving Trump and roomful of prostitutes in Moscow.

“Story was a complete lie, fabricated by the Obama and Hillary deep-state goons,” our source said. “I have nothing against Trump, in fact I kinda like the guy, but he’s a political novice. He doesn’t recognize there’s a shadow government controlling the surface government right below his nose. And Obama, and his cohorts, are the controlling machinations behind that force.”

In closing, our source says Obama and his cabal plan to weather the Nibiru storm in deep underground bunkers. When the dust settles, they will stand united and rebuild society according their collective design

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