At the same time President Trump inspected prototype border walls near San Diego, FEMA agents travelled to Juarez, where they discretely ordered thousands of guillotine blades from a Mexican metal shop two miles south of the border, says an active FEMA agent speaking under condition of anonymity.

The purchase order, he said, omitted the word “guillotine,” but specifically requested 16,000 shearing blades, each one 30”x .25”x15” with a razor-sharp edge ground at a seventeen degree angle, constructed of solid plate mono-steel. The exact composition and dimensions of guillotine blades currently stored at FEMA camps nationwide.

Our source said the shop owner, Jose Lopes of [redacted] manufacturing, accepted the deal only after the lead FEMA agent paid up front—in pesos—and promised not to retaliate if the blades dulled from overuse. The request stipulated the blades be manufactured ASAP; unmarked eighteen-wheelers would pick up finished products at regular intervals until the entire order was fulfilled.

FEMA sought foreign assistance, our source said, because using American manufacturers would generate an identifiable paper trail linking the agency to the purchase. Mexican business ethics are less stringent and do not require extensive paperwork; a money exchange and a handshake seals a deal.

“The agency is very careful in procuring equipment to be used against civilians,” our source said. “We—they—want to avoid both public andcongressional scrutiny. The guillotines were purchased in China, the blades in Mexico and other locations. We spread things out—makes it harder to trace exactly what is being purchased…just in case.”

Asked how FEMA crosses the border, he said the US Customs and Border Patrol Agency receives instructions to overlook FEMA vehicles that exit or enter the United States. Problems happen, he added, when FEMA convoys encounter Mexican Federal Police or drug cartels; issues are usually resolved with a bribe or bullets.

The current order of guillotine blades, he said, is slated for potential hot spots; primarily zones six, seven, and eight, areas FEMA expects the most resistance when Martial Law is declared. Once affixed to the guillotine chassis, the razor-sharp blades will decapitate unruly, law-abiding citizens who have been herded like cattle into FEMA internment camps. Guillotines are more effective than bullets at enforcing cooperation.

“FEMA has conducted beta-tests on this matter. A crowd of people is more frightened seeing a person’s head cut off than seeing him placed before a firing squad. How do they know this? Well, all I’ll say is during Hurricane Harvey many people, mostly homeless, disappeared. Where do you think they went?” he asked.

Asked if President Trump sanctioned guillotine purchases or the aforementioned actions, he said Trump is probably oblivious to what is really happening to the nation. FEMA is autonomous, and answers to neither the president nor any executive body. It is immune to congressional review or oversight committees.

When probed for information on the Martial Law timetable, our source said he had no idea when FEMA would manipulate the president to sign the order, but added that FEMA has been preparing since the early 1990s and is ready to swoop into action at a moment’s notice.

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