Putin Renews Pledge to Warn World About Nibiru


Russian President Vladimir Putin has renewed an unfulfilled promise to publicly warn the world about Nibiru on State television, according to sources in Russia’s government and scientific community.

In late 2017, Putin said he would offer full disclosure on an impending Nibiru apocalypse, but aborted the idea after receiving credible threats from the Vatican to keep his mouth shut. He survived at least three assassination attempts; he secretly went into hiding for three months while Russian Federal Security Services routed Jesuit spies from the Kremlin. Moreover, Putin had wanted Trump’s help, but the American President said he had more pressing concerns—namely defending himself against allegations of Russian collusion—than worrying about a mythical planet that may or may not effect life on Earth in the future.

Now, Putin has reconsidered. He regrets not telling the Russian public about a cataclysmic event that could reshape the planet and kill billions, said a MoD official familiar with Putin’s plan to defy an unwritten Deep State/NWO edict forbidding authority figures from speaking out on Nibiru.

Roscosmos, the Russian equivalent of NASA, believes the “Nibiru System” is a brown dwarf star surrounded by seven orbiting planets that intersect our solar system every 3,600 years, give or take. Of most concern is the star itself, Nemesis, and the outermost orbital, Nibiru. Russian scientists claim electrical synergy between Nemesis and our sun has produced mutated neutrinos that are superheating the planet’s core. Planet Nibiru, at 4 X Earth’s diameter 12 X its mass, has a colossal electromagnetic field; gravitational eddies have caused “wobbles” in the planet’s rotation.  As Nibiru draws nearer, the wobbles will ultimately culminate in an irreversible geophysical pole shift that will rip the Earth asunder. Russian sources and top Sitchen scientists say Nibiru will reach perigee—approximately 0.3 au.—in the first quarter of 2021.

Armed with these facts and a heavy heart, Putin had only one choice.

“Putin is a wise man. A man of the people. A man of conscience. He will no longer remain silent on this issue while the Russian people unknowingly wait to die. He has made a stand and will stand alone against those who would silence him when he warns Russia and the world of Nibiru. He’ll save as many as he can, and he’ll pray for the rest. Russia has constructed underground shelters that can house a classified number of people for many years. Many leaders and religious figures, like Pope Francis, want him stopped,” our source said.

So traumatized was the Vatican at Putin’s 2017 disclosure threat, it hired Israeli dissidents to try to assassinate him, so it could pin the blame on Israel. In Europe, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron had threatened to bankrupt Russia by contaminating the nation’s petroleum reserves using a newly developed chemical that allegedly renders gasoline inert.

But Putin, our source says, will no longer be bullied into silence. To protect himself, Putin has not publicized the precise date and time of disclosure. Nor has he revealed the location of his promised historic announcement.

“The most likely date is January 7, 2020. Eastern Orthodox Christmas, when families are gathered together, to comfort one another in this perilous time of need. The Nibiru truths will finally be made known,” our source said.

In closing, we solicited an opinion from our Russian astronomical source, Dr. Dyomin Damir Zhakaravich, on whether he thinks Putin will go forward with disclosure.

“There’s been back-chatter intelligence in Russian astronomical circles hinting at Putin’s renewed interest in disclosure. When it happens, people who desperately begged for disclosure may wish they hadn’t, when they hear the dire words Putin must say,” he said.


Author’s note: I do not agree with the damage assessment given by the Russian government. Over the years, I’ve spoken with scientific experts from several nations, none of whom agree on Nibiru’s timeline or damage predictions. Some say Nibiru will not arrive until 2055 or 2120, whereas the Indian government believes the worst is already over and that Nibiru is already leaving our solar system. I provide this information for your consideration, to weigh against what you may have already heard on the topic.

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