Losharik Survivors Infected with “Black Goo” Virus


A Russian military hospital was locked down after the eyes of two Losharik survivors  inexplicably turned black, said FSB Agent Dimitri Osmosovich. As reported previously, fourteen crew members perished on the submarine after samples of an alien life form, or black goo, were scraped from the hull of a downed UFO and stored aboard for scientific analysis. When the Losharik’s broken hull arrived in Sevestapol, Russian agents discovered five kilograms of exotic black residue in the reactor core.

Three survivors, whose conditions remain unknown, were quarantined to Russia’s Mezhgorye extraterrestrial research outpost in the Ural Mountains, but for reasons unknown two of the five surviving crew were taken to the Main Military Medical Directorate hospital in Moscow, placed into the general population of a congested ICU ward.

Both men had third degree burns covering 65% of their bodies, and received bovine xenographs—a graft using animal skin—to repair disfigured limbs and faces. Each man had approximately four hundred surgical staples holding grafts in place from head to toe.

It’s possible they were sent to the Medical Directorate instead of Mezhgorye for one of two reasons: Either EMS personnel were unaware of the black goo menace or the crewmen were simply airlifted to the nearest facility able to triage life-threatening burns.

Agent Osmosovich, however, countered the argument, insisting that Vladimir Putin demanded all survivors be sent to Mezhgorye.

“Putin gave clear orders, and people do not generally get away with disobeying Putin’s orders,” Osmosovich said. “The entire team that met Losharik at port knew of the potential alien threat and that something not of this earth got aboard that sub and could have infected the crew. So why these men were sent to a normal hospital, and no quarantine procedures were observed, I do not know. But now matters are worse,” Osmosovich said.

On July 14, physicians noticed a startling change in the patients’ physiology; a dense inky substance saturated their eyes, completely obscuring cornea, iris, and retina. What’s more, the patients had been kept in a medically induced coma, but somehow stirred to life the moment the obsidian glop muddied their eyes. They shook and trembled violently enough to crack their own ribs like a toothpick, Osmosovich said, and staff strapped them into bed with wrist, ankle, and torso restraints to still their seizures.

“One man seized so hard he nearly shattered his own spine,” Osmosovich said. “Surgeons considered cutting or suctioning the materiel from patients’ eyes, but a surprise visit from Defense Minister Shoygu, who appeared at that moment, interrupted them.”

An enraged Shoygu lashed out at hospital employees. He demanded answers. Why hadn’t Losharik survivors been sent to Metzgoya with their wounded comrades? The staff had no answers. The hospital’s chief physician, Dr. Borris Kuznetsov, told Shoygu he had not received instructions to treat Losharik survivors differently than other patients.

Shoygu declared the emergency “med klaus krasnyy krasnyy,” or “medical clause red, red,” a seldom used code phrase ordering the immediate lockdown of a medical or government facility suspected of housing alien infestations that pose an existential threat to the Motherland. GRU officers bolted doors and sealed windows. Shoygu insisted all persons in the hospital remain onsite, while extraterrestrial specialists determined the likelihood of an alien pandemic spreading through the hospital. In the interim, engineers erected a barbwire fence around the perimeter of the hospital in case nervous employees or patients tried to leave without medical clearance. Shoygu positioned sharpshooters on the roof, just in case.

“The MoD believes the alien virus, if it is that, has a two week incubation period. The Losharik men showed symptoms fourteen days from time of exposure on the sub. No man will leave or enter the hospital for at least that long. And violators face termination with extreme prejudice,” Osmosovich said.

In closing, Osmosovich said Vladimir Putin, the MoD, and the GRU have orchestrated a worldwide media blackout to conceal the truth behind the true fate of the Losharik and its valiant crew.


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