About Us

Twisted Truth

Twisted Truth is a news source for curious people who are tired of mainstream lies and deception. It's our goal to raise awareness of potentially important issues without instilling fear and dread. We cover politics, science, spirituality, and other topics ignored by  the mainstream media and academic world.

The Author

The author of this website, Michael, is a former mainstream journalist and English teacher who grew tired of the subterfuge practiced by those institutions.

All written work on this website, unless otherwise stated, is original. We do not scrape information from other websites.

Re-use policy

The author of this website and its sister YouTube channel of the same name invests enormous amounts of time investigating, sourcing, writing, and publishing original articles. Scraping articles from this website outside of Fair Use policy will result in DMCA filings, unless explicit permission is obtained in writing from the author.

Sources, Vetting, and Whistle-Blowers

The author of this website and its sister YouTube channel vets sources to the best of his ability. In the world of Alternative--or "Conspiracy Theory" journalism, investigative reports do not possess the same resources as do their mainstream counterparts; also, we are constantly attacked by opponents of free speech and those trying to impose Orwellian-style censorship.

Obviously, reporting on Nibiru, the New World Order, the Anunnaki, FEMA, etc. is not the same as reporting on the score of a baseball game, and we are in many cases relying on single witness testimony; finding two or more independent, unrelated sources to corroborate a story is an alternative journalist's aspiration.

We rely on sources who are experts in their field of study, be it politics or science. While we cannot affirm we are always told 100% of the truth--and any alternative journalist who makes such a claim is an outright liar--we guarantee our sources are who they claim to be.

We take threats to whistle-blowers very seriously, and on request shield identities to protect them from government reprisal.

The author employs both traditional and his own unique vetting process to determine a potential source's credibility.


Internet Presence

Twisted Truth maintains a limited internet presence. As of right now, this website (twistedtruth.net) and the YouTube channel "Twisted Truth" are our only media outlets. We maintain a single email address: [email protected]

Anyone contacted by anyone claiming a relationship to Twisted Truth using another website or email should be considered fraudulent.