Five Kilograms of “Black Goo” Found on Russian Death Sub


Last week, we exclusively reported that the Russian deep sea submersible Losharik suffered a catastrophic explosion after taking aboard a mysterious “black goo” that was discovered on the hull of a U.F.O. that had crashed in Russian territorial waters.  A sample taken for scientific analysis either escaped or was released and slithered into the reactor core, triggering an inferno that killed 14 sailors and could have sparked a cataclysmic meltdown.

Following the incident, the Russian MoD and GRU spun no less than five cover stories in as many days to obfuscate the truth behind the Losharik’s fate, and each revision spawned an equal number of conspiracy theories that ran wild across the internet.

Our Source, Russian FSB Operator Dimitri Osmosovich, adheres to the “Black Goo” version of events, provides additional details, and says a high-ranking naval official inadvertently issued a statement that supports his contentions.

On Monday, Captain Sergei Pavlov, an aide to the commander of Russia’s navy, praised the heroism of the men, who died as they battled to stop the fire from spreading in the doomed submarine.

“With their lives, they saved the lives of their colleagues and prevented a planetary catastrophe,” Pavlov said.

Pavlov’s cryptic slip of the tongue, Osmosovich said, alludes to a nuclear explosion, the black goo, or both.

“Pavlov certainly said something he should not have, because after the funeral he was summoned to Black Sea Fleet Headquarters. Nonetheless, more details of the alien goo have now surfaced and are alarming to say the least. After Losharik was towed to port, the substance or a variation of it was found in the reactor core,” Osmosovich said.

When the Losharik’s gutted hull arrived at Sevastopol, armed Spetznaz, engineers, and extraterrestrial specialists from Russia’s top-secret Mezhgorye E.T. research outpost deep in the Ural Mountains stood ready to sweep the vessel for signs of alien intrusion. Engineers cut the reactor section from the ship and sliced it open with an acetylene torch. Inside, they discovered a foreign object, approximately five kilograms of a brittle, coal-like substance that crumbled to dust when exposed to the atmosphere. It bore little resemblance to the gelatinous protoplasm first seen by Captain Alexander Avdonin on the engine room floor moments before the fire started. The “dust” was placed in hermetically sealed containers and shipped to Mezhgorye, Osmosovich said.

“The substance is truly exotic, and we don’t yet really know what it is. Tests are being done at this very moment. One theory is that it was a sentient life form that died in the reactor compartment. Another that it broke down to constituent components and is now dormant. Whether it maliciously caused the fire or was just protecting itself we do not know. We may never know. But one thing is certain: it is not of this Earth,” Osmosovich said.

Moreover, he made another shocking revelation. Although the fire burned the victims beyond recognition, the Kremlin, by order of Vladimir Putin, insisted all human remains be cremated regardless of an individual’s burial wishes. All survivors, he added, were transported to Mezhgorye, where they remain in indefinite quarantine.

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