Putin to Trump: “We Don’t Want Your 5G Poison”


At the G20 Summit in Osaka, Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin discussed the Ukraine, trouble in the Middle East, and, in a moment of levity, election meddling, with Trump politely asking his Russian counterpart not to meddle in the 2020 election. Their private conversation turned sour, however, when Trump suggested that the United States and Russia should revolutionize telecommunications by forming a bilateral agreement to expedite 5G rollouts across both nations. Trump had apparently given the matter much thought, because he arrived with a prospectus that detailed a cost-efficient means to propagate 5G technology throughout major American and Russian cities by the close of 2020.

Not known for his own timidity, Vladimir Putin told Trump, “We don’t want your 5G poison. You keep it,” according to a White House leaker who accompanied the president aboard Air Force One to and from the summit.

Putin’s anti-5G stance stems from a Federal Service for Supervision of Communications—Russia’s equivalent of the FCC—report that questions safety ethics of deploying untested 90ghz frequency waves into the ionosphere. Within the RF Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms. The Russian report claims prolonged exposure to 5G radiation are a major contributing factor to brain cancer, tumor growths, and spontaneous human combustion.

Our source said Trump tried to allay Putin’s fears by citing an unpublished joint FCC-Israeli Ministry of Communications study that touted the benefits of 5G compared with existing communication protocols. That study, which was authored by FCC chairman Ajit Pai and co-signed by Minister Ayoob Kara, concluded that newer technologies are inherently safer than older technologies. Moreover, it sampled 50 persons claiming to have 5G related illnesses; in all cases, the report went on, individuals had preexisting health conditions but blamed 5G for their ailments rather than the diagnosis of a board certified medical doctor.

“Trump outright told him 5G is safe, which is pretty much the message Trump and Pai paraded to the public on national television a few months ago. But Putin wasn’t buying it. In fact, he made a poignant observation. He asked Trump why Israel was involved in the study, since Netanyahu told the Israeli Knesset he was against 5G,” our source said.

Putin also inquired why Trump’s son-in-law and Strategic Advisor Jared Kushner broached the 5G topic with Middle East leaders at the Middle East Peace Plan gathering in Bahrain last week. Russian intelligence had evidently penetrated Kushner’s private conversations with Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud and Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, both of whom have championed 5G infrastructure as a necessity to increase data transmission speeds while safeguarding discreet communication nodes from foreign intrusion.

“When something smells fishy, it’s usually fishy,” Putin said to Trump. “There will be no 5G for us and we will continue to impose a moratorium on it until further tests are done. Right now, 5G is dangerous, irresponsible, and reprehensible.”

He pointed out that placing 5G towers about every 300 meters apart in every city of every country on every continent-part of Trump’s plan-could, depending on how the frequencies were attenuated, fry the brain of every sentient organism on the planet.

Trump dismissed that assertion as “fake news,” and said that Russia’s failure to embrace 5G could result in a US-Chinese partnership that could shift the balance of power in the eastern hemisphere, an implied threat indeed.

If all information is accurate, the current push for global 5G is so intense that any nation’s refusal to adopt the questionable technology is viewed as a significant solecism that might ultimately draw sanctions from pro-5G nations eager to escalate global rollouts without concern for human safety.

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