Amid fears of a 2021 Nibiru arrival, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials met privately last Thursday to discuss Planet X survival and finalize plans to quell civil unrest once Nibiru becomes fully visible and begins unleashing untold havoc upon the word, according to a FEMA agent speaking under condition of anonymity.

In light of the Nibiru realities, FEMA has shifted focus away from disaster relief and is now wholly consumed with preserving continuity of government and culling patriots and other law-abiding American citizens that might challenge the agency’s authority in times of imminent disaster, such as the looming Nibiru apocalypse.  At the meeting, FEMA regional administrator James Joseph even had the audacity to evoke the name of the Lord, saying Nibiru’s arrival was a God-given certainty and that the Risen Jesus was powerless to prevent Nibiru from wrecking the planet. Blasphemy aside, Joseph, who heads Region 5 and personally oversaw the construction of FEMA camps in Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, told other regional supervisors that FEMA honcho Brock Long had issued a twofold edict: enforce Martial Law whilst simultaneously keeping a tight leash on skittish agents that might think twice about jailing or killing innocent people.

“The FEMA bosses are concerned that unseasoned agents might turn into cowards and flee or, worse, turn and take up arms against the agency when disaster strikes. FEMA doesn’t publish this, but it anticipates a fifteen percent rate of attrition when Nibiru comes. Keep in mind, only the upper echelon knows Nibiru is coming; the average agent is told to expect a catastrophe likely to reshape the face of the planet,” our source explained.

Loyal FEMA agents and their families, he added, have been guaranteed a place of sanctuary—most likely within deep underground military bunkers—to survive the storm, whereas rebellious agents would be deemed a threat to national security and dealt with in a manner befitting a terrorist.

“The state of paranoia is so high FEMA is worried about their people in addition to the patriotic community,” our source said.

For this reason, FEMA anticipates a declaration of Martial Law several months ahead of Nibiru’s expected date of arrival, which, according to several sources and Joseph’s own words, will transpire during the first quarter of 2021. Incidentally, FEMA director Brock Long has requested funds to recruit and train an additional 5,000 agents within the next eighteen months.

“They obviously aren’t going to wait until Nibiru gets here before rounding people up. They’ll be too much pandemonium then, and they want to be safe underground when the firestorm hits. FEMA believes many patriots have prepared for disaster and thus have the ability to entrench themselves and survive the dark days of Nibiru. FEMA wants to make sure these people, feeling betrayed by the democratically elected government they put into office, do not start an insurrection in the aftermath of whatever Nibiru brings our way,” our source said.

FEMA has spent years compiling lists of patriots, survivalists, preppers, and other undesirables—including high-profile, right-leaning media personalities—that might incite a revolution. Our source said one such list contains the names of over 200,000 American citizens. Moreover, FEMA has targeted and marked persons of interest by coating residential mailboxes and curbsides with a paint that is visible only under ultraviolet light.

“All FEMA has to do is drive around the neighborhoods in the dead of night and look for the pre-targeted locations.  They will try to nab and grab people while they’re asleep or groggy and unprepared to defend themselves. Then, it’s off to a FEMA camp,” our source said.

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