Obama Killed in Cairo


Disgraced former president Barack “Hussein” Obama was assassinated during an unannounced trip to Egypt, said a Washington source speaking under condition of extreme anonymity. He said Obama and his husband, Michael Robinson, departed their D.C. mansion for Cairo on 3 March to pay homage to the Pharaohs, whom the Obamas have called their immaculate ancestors.  Two days later, the diabolical couple attended an outdoor nighttime performance of “Kings and Gods of Old,” at the Great Pyramid of Giza, with the Great Sphinx looking over their shoulders.  Halfway through the show, Obama excused himself, saying he had to use the restroom. He apparently slipped his Secret Service Detail and disappeared into the darkness.

When he did not return after fifteen minutes, Secret Service agents conducted an exhaustive search and found his bullet-ridden corpse halfway between the performance site and the Valley of the Kings. Obama’s mouth was sealed shut with duct tape. He had taken one to the chest and two in the back of the head, our source said. When the agents lifted his shirt, they found a stab wound one inch beneath his sternum, penetrating upward, severing his aorta.

“They discovered his body, face down in the sand, taking a dirt nap with the Pharaohs,” our source said. “Whoever killed him wanted to make sure he was dead and would not be resurrected.  The Secret Service agents did not conduct an investigation. They didn’t even notify Egyptian authorities. They dragged his corpse from the scene of the crime and placed it in limousine. It was purportedly transported to Cairo International Airport and flown out of the country on an EgyptAir Airbus A-340. I have no idea what happened to his body after that.”

He added that a single agent delivered the grim news to Michelle Obama—Michael Robinson—who seemed unphased on learning that his husband had just been brutally murdered. She was escorted to a different limousine and taken to an unknown location.

Our source then revealed a shocking revelation. He said at least three Barack Obamas in eighteen months have been found dead, lending credibility to theories suggesting that defrocked president has numerous body doubles or clones specifically tailored for public appearances while the genuine Obama is hidden, dead, or incarcerated. Although body doubles exist and complex AI algorithms, augmented by audio and visual effects, can convincingly mimic a living, breathing human being, our source believes the Cairo Obama might have been the genuine article.

Two weeks ago, Obama or a replicate met with United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. Our source said he believes they discussed Obama’s future plans to replace Guterres as the U.N. ruler if Trump wins the 2020 election. The two have been friends since Guterres succeeded Ban Ki-moon in 2017. Obama was quoted as saying, “I congratulate António Guterres on his election today as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. One day I hope to a job as well as he will do.”

“I’m not saying the current administration had a hand in this. Just pointing out a possibility. Obama had many enemies, far and wide, foreign and domestic,” our source said. “Guterres said he’d like to see Obama take his place, and if Obama did become U.N. Secretary General,  he would have been just as dangerous, if not more so, than he was as president of this nation for eight years,” our source said.

Thus far, neither mainstream media nor the White House has commented on Obama’s alleged demise. Nor has any family member or friend, including his paid-for actor children and emotionless man-of-a-wife Michelle.

“There’s much strange stuff going on right now,” our source said. “We should at least entertain the notion that Obama is dead and that the Deep State is keeping his message and spirit alive through doubles.”

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