Nibiru Whistle-Blower Dr. Ronald Shimschuck Gone Missing


Nibiru Whistleblower and former NASA scientist Dr. Ronald Shimschuck has gone missing and not been seen for two months, according to his landlord and a neighboring tenant who claim the reclusive scientist vanished without a trace in early April.
There was no indication of foul play, and Dr. Shimschuck has a history of suddenly disappearing for fear of being apprehended by CIA or NSA agents. In 2017, he faked his own death because he believed agents of the opposition had zeroed in on his location, and later emerged to warn the world about an impending Nibiru apocalypse that would ravage the earth in 2055, a date rejected by other planet X researchers that claim Nibiru and its orbiting planets will reach perigee much, much sooner.
In this instance, his landlord entered his Belgrade apartment when his rent was two month is arrears. He told us the apartment was in pristine condition, and there was no evidence Dr. Shimschuck had planned to relocate. His clothes hung neatly in a closet or were folded in a dresser. His cupboards were filled with food and the refrigerator contained only butter and a spoiled carton of milk. Curiously, his MacBook, which he always carried on his person, sat on a desk in his study.
“He never told me he was leaving,” the landlord told us. “Dr. Shimschuck paid his rent month to month, and after two months I had no choice but to enter the apartment. We are putting his belongings in storage for the time being so I can rent the unit. Dr. Shimschuck was here and then he was just gone.”
He added that Dr. Shimschuck was a loner who seldom interacted with others; he thought most humans were stupid and not worthy of his time. His attitude toward humanity was corroborated by a neighbor who said Dr. Shimschuck shunned socialization with common folk.
“Shimschuck is an angry old man, an arrogant prick,” he told us. “If I passed him in the hallway and said hello, he would walk by me as if I were invisible. I’m glad he’s gone. He is an asshole, a real asshole.”
He said Dr. Shimschuck was a creature of habit; every morning, at precisely 10 am, he walked to the market and returned with a grocery bag filled with vegetables. Besides his daily sojourn to the grocery store, he seldom left his apartment.
My personal experiences with Dr. Shimschuck certainly support those contentions. He was crass, rude, smug, and pompous, but at the same time often humorous. He felt his education—a double Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and Astronomical Sciences—and ability to fluently speak six languages elevated him above the average man.
Nonetheless, I found him interesting, informative, and entertaining, and am mildly miffed by his unexplained disappearance. His sarcasm often overshadowed his information, and although I cannot attest to the accuracy of every piece of data he shared, I do know he is—or was—who he claimed to be. And I will pray for his safety and hope one day he’ll reach out to me again, as he’s done before following prolonged disappearances.

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