Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sought religious advice on whether to address growing public concerns about the existence of a brown dwarf star roaming in the outer reaches of the solar system, said former Israeli intelligence operative Favish Shimmel.  On Saturday, Netanyahu secretly travelled to Tsafet, where he met with a trio of senior Zionist rabbis: Moshe D. Pecchac of Jerusalem, Abraham Daniel Weinstein of Hebron, and David Lau of Tel Aviv. During a private brunch at Café Monitin in Tsafet, Netanyahu asked if it was Yahweh’s will to withhold knowledge of Nibiru from good Jewish men and women across the Holy Land; Yaweh is the national god of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

According to our source, Netanyahu learned of the Nibiru realities from his predecessor’s predecessor, Yitzhak Rabin, who in 1994 was told by President Clinton that a brown dwarf star with multiple orbiting planets would drastically alter Earth’s environment during the first half of the 21st Century. Ever since, said Shimmel, Israeli politicians have clashed with religious figureheads on the topic of disclosure. Several prominent politicians argued in favor of disclosure, but the nation’s religious leaders strenuously objected, fearing disclosure would shatter religious beliefs and plunge the country into chaos.

Saturday’s meeting was the latest schism exemplifying hostilities between Netanyahu and the Rabbis.

“This was not the first time Netanyahu has confronted the Rabbis on disclosure. But this is the first time he has consulted with three senior religious officials at the time. Netanyahu is torn; part of him wants to warn his fellow Israelites. He hoped to glean insight from his meeting and sway the Rabbis toward disclosure.”

But, our source added, the religious elders rebuffed Netanyahu’s notion that disclosure might strengthen Jewish interests across the globe. He said Rabi Lau, the youngest person (at age 47) to be elected Chief Rabi of Israel, told Netanyahu not to meddle in celestial affairs but to focus instead on confronting Iranian hostilities and supporting Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. When Netanyahu tried to navigate carefully around those issues in favor of addressing the Nibiru cover-up, Rabi Pecchac silenced him.

“I know who you are. I know what you are,” Pecchac said, pointing at Netanyahu.”Beelzebub.”

Shimmel elaborated on the conversation: “Pecchac told Netanyahu Nibiru was a taboo subject never to be discussed among the population at large,” our source said. “And the Rabbis collectively warned him that any attempt to publically talk about Nibiru would end his political career and put his life at risk.  They said anything pertaining to Nibiru was a decision to be made by religious scholars, not politicians.”

Netanyahu disagreed, arguing that widespread knowledge of Nibiru had reached epic proportions.

“That’s when they dealt him a proverbial killing blow,” Shimmel said. “They accused of heresy, and told him his power is provincial—that they had the authority to replace him at will if he continued his challenge. Almost instantly, his demeanor changed.”

He appeared addled. His symbolic confidence and eloquence evaporated into thin air, Shimmel said. He departed the restaurant without finishing his meal and promised to adhere to the Rabbis collective wisdom.

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