U.S. Government Conceals Number of Quarantined

Personnel in protective clothing approach an aircraft, chartered by the U.S. State Department to evacuate government employees and other Americans from the novel coronavirus threat in the Chinese city of Wuhan, after it arrived at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, California, U.S., January 29, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Blake - RC2TPE9TGQ45 - RC2CQE92XGDX

As president Trump touted his accomplishments to a standing ovation at the State of the Union address, over 1,100 Americans under mandatory quarantine were unable to watch or hear the president deliver his remarks because the U.S. government had seized their electronic devices and denied them access to television and radio.

In the wake of a lethal coronavirus that has infected at least 23,865 and killed 492 people, most in mainland China, the U.S. government has begun a silent operation to round up and sequester any individual, symptomatic or not, who has had close contact with a suspected coronavirus carrier. The operation began shortly after a chartered Boeing 747-400, Kalitta flight 317, carried 192 American citizens from Wuhan to March Air Reserve Base in California. Prior to landing in CA, the jet made a refueling stop in Anchorage, where the CDC removed seven passengers who have not been heard from since. The flight manifest was doctored to omit the very existence of those seven passengers, claims a State Department source speaking under promise of anonymity.

“The original manifest identified 197 Americans aboard. When Kalitta 317 landed in California, the manifest said 192. Someone somehow altered the log. The CDC denies passengers deboarded in Anchorage, but seven persons certainly did. The 192 at March remain in quarantine. After them, CDC started quarantining others, but this time quietly, because the media became suspicious on why the 192 at March went dark,” our source said.

His statement alludes to government malfeasance in that the CDC confiscated cellphones, depriving its “guests” of communication with or knowledge of the outside world. March Air Reserve Base, he said, is one of several interment facilities the government uses to house suspected carriers whose every movement is scrutinized by the CDC, FEMA, and military personnel. And every day, he added, more people are held under federal quarantine with no public mention of the internment.

The Pentagon on Tuesday announced that Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper approved a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services to house 1,000 people who may need to be quarantined upon arrival from overseas travel due to the novel coronavirus.

Our source, however, claims the CDC has overreached government authority by quarantining asymptomatic people who had no close contact with presumed carriers. The CDC detained Mark Billings, 46, of Ames, Iowa, after learning that his niece, who had recently vacationed in Wuhan, intended to visit him upon her return to the United States. She passed an initial health screening but two days later displayed symptoms of the virus, prompting the CDC to quarantine her at an undisclosed location. She told the CDC she had not visited her uncle; he told the CDC that he had not seen her. Nonetheless, the CDC told billings he would be quarantined for fourteen days or longer, based on his symptoms.

“People are taken from their homes every day, and there is no public disclosure. Where they are sent depends on their symptoms, if they have any at all, and they have no idea where they are going until they reach their destination,” our source said.

FEMA has made housing available at “fusion centers” in California, Colorado, and Texas, each able to ensconce 500 people. The term “Fusion Center” is a politically correct definition for FEMA camps, installations the agency built in hopes of confining law-abiding American citizens during time of Martial Law. Now, at least three have been repurposed to accommodate suspected virus carriers.

“Over 300 people are in each right now,” our source said, “kept in communal housing.”

Problem is symptomatic patients are not segregated; everyone is kept in a huge room with lots of cots on the floor. One by one people are taken for testing. If a person tests positive, only then are they separated from the crowd. I believe the CDC’s method will result in a greater number on infected people. The situation is untenable; a few people tried to escape confinement, and FEMA has been tasked with guarding them.”

The Pentagon on Friday said HHS is responsible for care, transportation, and security of the infirmed, but failed to mention that HHS, as well as other government agencies, cede authority to FEMA in the event of a national emergency or crisis. Our source said FEMA played a formative role in influencing the CDC’s operating procedure; acting FEMA director Pete Gaynor pressured the CDC to, if necessary, extend the length of quarantine to one year, even though the virus’s incubation period is only 14 days. FEMA, our source said, is rife with shiftiness and, if left unchecked, would have no qualms disappearing its Fusion Center guests, all of whom FEMA compelled to sign aggressive non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them, once freed, from discussing certain aspects of their confinement. FEMA and the CDC have allegedly contacted close friends and immediate family of the infirmed, threatening them to not speak to media on matters involving the virus or that their loved ones were detained against their will.

In closing, the author of this article is a proponent of rationally quarantining people that pose a genuine health risk to the population. There is no problem there. The issue is the government’s need to insidiously quarantine people and hide the fact from the media and citizenry.

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