Coronavirus Zombie Ship Quarantined in Italy


Update: The official narrative is that all 6,000 passengers were cleared to disembark. Our information, however, suggests ~25 violent and sick passengers were removed and quarantined.

Six thousand passengers and 1,000 staff are trapped aboard a virus-ridden cruise ship at the Italian Port of Civitavecchia. Italy’s government placed the towering vessel, the Coasta Smeralda, on lockdown after its captain informed the harbormaster that a Hong Kong couple onboard had been quarantined after displaying Coronavirus-like symptoms. Their symptoms included fever, tremors, frothing at the mouth, and upper abdominal post-prandial extensions.

Lazio Coast Guard’s maritime director Vincenzo Leone said: “We are waiting to know the outcome of the checks still in progress, but everything that needed to be done has been done. The situation is under control and now there is no reason for concern on board.”

However, a White House intelligence intercept alludes to a deepening coverup and mass deception from the office of Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, which may have been pressured by the WHO to obscure the grisly scene doctors found on the stricken floating city.

A White House source said National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien handed Trump the memo, obtained by CIA in Italy.

According to its contents, a throng of doctors from Italy’s Ministry of Health boarded the Coasta Smeralda in bioprotective gear after learning that the vessel housed many sick people trying to break quarantine and leave the ship. The virologists met a “wall of walking wounded” that lumbered forward like a zombie herd. Several had bloodshot eyes and pallid skin; others sweated profusely, stammering in unintelligible gibberish. A woman lay prostrate on the floor, twitching and drooling like an infant child.

“Those that spoke coherently demanded to be let off the ship. One doctor fled because a sick person tried to rip the bio-mask from his face.  A few passengers had to be subdued. The document doesn’t say how this was done, but we assume Italian law enforcement was involved. The majority of passengers sealed themselves in cabins, to avoid the infection,” our source said.

Cries for help were heard echoing throughout the ship, he added.

An unconfirmed report said a male passenger fell from an upper deck balcony, a seventy-foot plunge to the water. It is unclear whether he jumped or was thrown overboard.

The carnage and confusion prevented physicians from immediately screening passengers and crew, and the medical team withdrew for fear of being overwhelmed by the sick, while the Italian government mulls its next steps.

The CIA memo said the Italian government has considered welding shut the ships outer hatches and deploying the military until the situation is fully assessed.

As of Thursday morning (EST) the WHO reports 7,811 worldwide cases with 170 fatalities, most in mainland China. Astute observers believe the actual number of infected and dead may be ten times that figure.

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