Erdogan Tells Trump: “Anunnaki Are Real.”


Turkish President Recep Erdogan has told Trump the Anunnaki are real and intend to subjugate or eliminate humans that threaten their agenda for world domination, according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dimitri Osmosovich, who claims Vladimir Putin instructed Erdogan to discuss the topic with Trump during his recent visit to the White House.

At a televised press conference, they discussed differing views on Operation “Peace Spring,” an ongoing cross-border military operation conducted by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Syrian National Army (SNA) against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northeastern Syria, and debated over Erdogan’s contentious promise to keep Russian-supplied S-400 missiles.

Although Erdogan received a warm White House welcome, and he and Trump seemed outwardly friendly toward each other, the façade of good relations between the two leaders is highly deceiving; in reality, they stand widely apart on substantive issues, including Trump’s dismissive attitude toward an extraterrestrial threat that has ravaged parts of the Eastern Hemisphere.

At a private meeting that followed the press conference, Erdogan asked Trump whether he was prepared to set aside geopolitical differences and join the fight against an extraterrestrial race—the Anunnaki—that has threatened to eradicate or enslave all human life on Earth. As previously reported by Twisted Truth, Trump in October acknowledged the alien threat after an Anunnaki horde had nearly overwhelmed an American military compound near Manbij, Syria. But the American president said he would not consider committing American soldiers to the fight until after the 2020 election, by which time, Putin told him, the Anunnaki might expand their territorial boundaries beyond Russia, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Yemen.

“The Ministry of Defense learned of the meeting on Thursday, after Erdogan filled Putin in on the details. From what I know, Erdogan pleaded with Trump to help wage war on the terrible Anunnaki invaders, but Trump was more interested in discussing the Democratic attempts to impeach him and seemed unconcerned of the Anunnaki dangers to humanity. Erdogan told him any alliance is needed to destroy the Anunnaki vermin or convince them that Earth is not theirs for the taking and drive them off the planet,” Osmosovich said.

Any such alliance, Erdogan purportedly told Trump, required the United States’ cooperation and participation. Trump’s farouche demeanor, however, led Erdogan to believe that the American president was more interested in Tweeting barbs about Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi than he was about ridding the Earth of malevolent extraterrestrials. While Erdogan applauded Trump’s sense of Nationalism, he said patriotic pride must not preclude countering the burgeoning Anunnaki threat. He echoed Putin’s admonition: “Waiting until you’re reelected before committing forces to the Anunnaki War imperils us all. The Anunnaki are real and they are deadly.”

“Trump said to Erdogan the earliest he will consider sending troops for training is April 2021, a change from what he previously told Putin—February 2021. Apparently, Trump wants to wait until the election is finished and the deadline for the Democrats to call for a recount has elapsed. This is of much anxiety to the Kremlin. It wants help now,” Osmosovich said.

Meanwhile, Osmosovich said Russian Special Services have skirmished against the Anunnaki three times this month. Two battles ended in Russian defeat; the other a stalemate, with 31 heroic Russian Spetznas losing their lives.

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