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Twisted Truth is an independent alternative-and sometimes conspiratorial-news site dedicated to exposing scientific and government corruption. We also strive to present timely, important news often ignored by the mainstream media and not found elsewhere on the internet.

The author of this website, Michael, is a former mainstream journalist who once worked for the New York Post and the Village voice, and was a ghostwriter for the Dallas Morning News. He is also a former English teacher. In 1997, he had than epiphany that started him down many rabbit holes from which he has yet to emerge.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is original; investigated, sourced, vetted, and written by the author. Photographs used in articles are representative and may not depict actual events described therein. All photographs used are believed to open source.

Topics covered on Twisted Truth include Nibiru, Planet X, the Anunnaki, the Reptilians, FEMA, politics, science, HAARP, CERN, war, corruption, the Deep State, the Illuminati, and much more.

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