Russia Breeds Anunnaki-Hunting Dogs


Russian president Vladimir Putin on Friday announced to the Federal Cabinet of Ministers that scientists at the Metzgoya Extraterrestrial Research Outpost and geneticists from the DS Likhachev Scientific Research Institute had successfully bred a new kind of highly efficient sniffer dog able to detect Anunnaki scent even when the villainous creatures are shapeshifted into human form.

That the Anunnaki can convincingly mimic human physiology is a disconcerting revelation from Russia’s highest office, even though ET researchers have long speculated that the dastardly Anunnaki, among other alien species, namely the Reptilians, can shapeshift to match other lifeforms. In 2018, former KGB/FSB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich alluded to this ability when he said: “During the Obama years many Anunnaki roamed the halls of the White House,” and opined that the creatures had insinuated themselves into seats of power of worldly governments.

According to Russian sources familiar with Putin’s disclosure, not all Anunnaki can assume the guise of a human; that ability is innate to “elder” or “pureblood” Anunnaki, which are more highly evolved than the warrior caste against whom Putin has waged a silent and deadly ground war. Putin believes the treacherous creatures have replaced key political and military figures within the Israeli, Pakistani, and British governments, and that they are actively working to usurp power to further a diabolical agenda that includes subjugating humanity.

A dire need to expose camouflaged Anunnaki prompted Putin’s program to manufacture a trainable hybrid animal that could detect faint scent molecules emitted by Anunnaki intruders. Even specialized bloodhounds, our source said, could not distinguish a disguised Anunnaki from a human being.

“Tests on a captured elder Anunnaki were conducted at Metzgoya. The beasts secret undetectable smell and pheromones. When normal dogs proved ineffective, Putin charged scientists with making a new breed to identify and track the Anunnaki,” said FSB agent Dimitri Osmosovich.

Putin apparently borrowed the idea from the Terminator, a 1984 sci-fi flick in which canines sniffed out flesh-covered cybernetic killing machines. If fictitious dogs could smell imaginary robots, then an actual dog should be able to smell a real extraterrestrial, Putin reportedly told Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu. The statement aligns with Putin’s long-held view that there is a very shallow dichotomy between fiction and reality.

Russian scientists, Osmosovich said, mated a Russian husky with a wild jackal. This hybrid was bred to combine the very sensitive nose of the wild, scavenging jackal with the more benign temperament of the husky. The jackal has a sense of smell that is much keener than that of its domestic counterpart, and a Russian study reported that many dog species are losing their naturally sharp sense of smell through domestication. The husky was chosen because it has a superior sense of smell compared to other breeds; this is because they are adapted to severe conditions of arctic cold where many substances become non-volatile and exist in only a highly diluted form.

An unconfirmed Ministry of Defense report suggests that geneticists introduced Anunnaki DNA into the offspring to further improve its odds of ferreting out elusive Anunnaki.

“If this report is true, details on how it was accomplished are being kept classified. It is said the olfactory cavity on the hybrid is 80 times more sensitive than that of narcotic and drug sniffing dogs. Although the monsters are essentially odorless, the hybrid can detect Butyric acid at 1 part per billion up to a kilometer away. This is our newest weapon in the war,” Osmosovich said.

He added that Putin will mass breed the hybrids and supply them to any leader wishing to purge his government of potential Anunnaki spies. Turkish President Rycep Erdoğan has requested the next available hybrid.

The new sniffer dogs, Osmosovich said, will not directly engage Anunnaki. They will detect, and Russian Special services will dispatch. Moreover, he revealed a recent discovery that ought to aid Putin’s war on the meddlesome extraterrestrials: Acoustic weapons not only stun Anunnaki but also force them to revert to their natural form—a two-to-four meter tall beast with hooks for hands and glistening teeth. Used in tandem with the hybrid canines, Putin has high hopes the Anunnaki will be purged from seats of power across the globe.

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My good friend. They have now the ability to see oh the alien life forms using ISO dual settings on your cameras. Just like in the movie Buckaroo Banzai when he gets sucked in the phone booth and then has the ability to see the aliens from planet ten fire the 8th dimension. In reality the lower fourth dimension. It would be most beneficial for the world to know how to see these beings like pulling the plug on they live. Carry on. Much love. I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. And doesn’t put you in a tight… Read more »


How does one do that ?


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Can they also fetch the morning newspaper


The alien issue is far more complex than just shape shifters who can assume human form. Have a look at the work of Karla Turner. They can hoick the soul out of a human body and install another soul in there. As far as most people are concerned, it’s the same person even after the substitution. Very few people understand that the relationship of the soul to the physical body is like the relationship of the driver to the car. They look only at the car (physical body). If the driver (soul) has been switched, the car (physical body) is… Read more »