Putin To Recall Troops Home Before Nibiru Arrival in 2021


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he aims to recall all military assets currently stationed in foreign countries before Nibiru reaches perigee in early 2021.  He spoke on Tuesday at a clandestine meeting at the Ministry of Defense, telling senior staff and top military brass that Russia’s fighting forces must defend the motherland and its people rather than protect friendly nations that have failed to develop their own Nibiru survival plans.

According to our MoD source, Putin’s plan is fraught with obstacles; several Russian officials, particularly  Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov, have denied Nibiru exists and want Putin to focus on expanding Russia’s political and military influence across the globe. Gerasimov argued that Nibiru is a western concoction, essentially a trick, to delude Putin into believing an imaginary threat from the stars poses a greater threat than Europe’s never-ending desire to contain, isolate, and bankrupt Russia. Withdrawing Russian assets from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Syria, and other nations might compel them assistance elsewhere, Garasimov said.

But the ever stoic Putin silenced him. He said the MoD did not possess all the facts, that Nibiru’s arrival was a God-given certainty. He had risked his personal reputation and his presidency on preparation for the unthinkable. Putin said Russia’s vast subterranean survival complexes in the Ural Mountains, which can allegedly house tens of millions for five years, were designed to survive the Nibiru apocalypse, not a full-scale nuclear exchange with the west.  Russia’s cutting-edge weapons such as hypersonic missiles and direct energy weapons, he added, were created to obliterate incoming asteroids and meteorites from the Nibiru system.

“Putin told them it’s ridiculous to leave troops abroad, where they are more likely to die and less likely to be in a position to protect fellow Russians from the Nibiru disaster. He said anyone challenging his authority had three choices: pick up a gun, shut up, or head to Siberia. He had made up his mind and laid out a plan to bring home eighty percent of Russian troops starting in 2020,” our source said.

Putin’s aggressive plan starts by recalling 1,500 service members from Russia’s 201st In Tajikistan in February 2020, followed in April with nearly 8,000 troops stationed in Georgia. He will then judiciously extract 35,000 personnel from Vietnam, Moldova, and Cuba, ensuring those resources is available to guard Russian sovereignty.

“President Putin said all Russians, whether they live or die, have a right to be home when deliverance strikes. He knows many oppose is agenda, but he has faith in the Russian Space Program 2021 assessment. And he will not permit dissenters to foil his plans,” our source said.

While the dissenters are few in number, they have political prestige. Even Atlanticist—a term used to describe Russian politicians

sympathetic to the west–Dmitry Medvedev questioned Putin’s belief in Nibiru. Putin apparently allayed his fears by convincing him that leaders of other prosperous countries had paid him billions of rubles for a safe and secure place to ride out the forthcoming Nibiru cataclysm.

He named Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who high-fived Putin at the G-20 Summit. Apparently, a deal had been struck.

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