Russia Fights Anunnaki in Northern Syria


Russian forces pushed into northern Syria last night, confronting Anunnaki invaders that descended on the Syrian city of Ras al-Ayn, home to nearly 30,000 Arabs and Kurds on the Turkish-Syrian border. Shortly after dark, a detachment of approximately 250 Spetznas soldiers responded to reports of Anunnaki intruders advancing on the shattered community.

The soldiers in the vicinity were part of Vladimir Putin’s plan to launch a massive assault on Anunnaki in the region, but that operation was not scheduled to commence until November, after the embattled Russian leader signed off on a multi-pronged battle agenda allegedly authored by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. However, Donald Trump’s precipitous decision to withdraw U.S. forces and no longer support Kurdish fighters created a power vacuum, which Turkish President Erdogan quickly seized upon.

Turkey launched airstrikes on and shelled Ras al-Ayn, paving the way for a Turkish assault on forces that have long been allied with the United States. As plumes of black smoke rose from crumbled remains of bombed buildings, residents of the city turned warzone fled the carnage by vehicle or on foot, sometimes just a meter ahead of mortar rounds striking the pavement behind them.

Erdogan Tweeted that Turkish Armed Forces, together with Turkish-backed Syrian fighters known as the Syrian National Army, had begun what he called “Operation Peace Spring” against Kurdish fighters to eradicate what Erdogan said was “the threat of terror” against Turkey.

His iniquitous attack, however, drew unwelcomed visitors: the Anunnaki.

“The Anunnaki crave conflict and thrive on havoc of war. In the swirling madness of it all, they emerge—plunder, pillage, abduct, and kill. The corpses they take for reasons not fully understood—maybe food. And they abduct men and women alike, dragging them through their portals and vanishing. In this case, Putin was blindsided, by both Trump and Erdogan, and had to attack the Anunnaki prematurely, before all his pieces were in place. While Putin does not love Kurds, he hates the Anunnaki, and his war is against them. Our Special Services have one purpose: Destroy or repel Anunnaki scum,” Osmosovich said.

The death toll in Ras al-Ayn, he added, is catastrophic; the Anunnaki had butchered scores of helpless people before Spetznas arrived on scene. Osmosovich emphasized that Putin’s goal is not to save Kurdish lives but rather to eradicate the Anunnaki pestilence before it spreads across the planet.

“They were ordered to shoot any Kurd that stands between a Spetznas and an Anunnaki,” Osmosovich said. “Putin is so angry at Erdogan for not giving him a head’s up that he even told the Spetznas to let Turkish army die with the Kurds if they got in the way.”

In one area, the street was so clogged with dead bodies it was like a log jam. Spetznas believed the Anunnaki, not bombs or bullets, were responsible for the odiferous mass of tangled corpses, because the killers had exsanguinated their victims.

The Spetznas found their quarry in a northwest part of the city near Tibia mall, a once prosperous and vibrant shopping mecca that attracted tourists and locals alike, but Turkish bombs had reduced it to a pile of rubble.

According to Osmosovich, the Spetznas encountered approximately 35 three-meter-tall bipedal humanoids with translucent skin, hooks for hands, and hundreds of needle-like teeth that glistened in the moonlight.

The Ministry of Defense, Osmosovich added, had given Special Forces a revolutionary weapon: Conventional Kalashnikov rounds coated with a “classified substance” able to penetrate the Anunnaki carapace. The new bullets, used in tandem with sonic grenades that stun Anunnaki, gave Russian Special Forces the upper hand in the engagement. A hailstorm of Kalashnikov fire apparently caught the Anunnaki off guard, as they collapsed to the ground and dissolved under the barrage of gunfire. As told in 2017 by now deceased KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, upon death the Anunnaki secrete a bilious fluid that liquifies their organs and exo-and-endoskeleton structure, making a post-mortem analysis nearly impossible.

The Russians suffered fatalities, too. Nine valiant Spetznas died fighting the Anunnaki in Ras al-Ayn.

“These victories make little difference until we make a meaningful dent in their numbers. Putin is resolute. Make no mistake, the battle is on,” Osmosovich said.

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