FEMA Terrorizes Northern Californians


Agents of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are terrorizing frightened Californians who have been living in the dark since PG&E, the area’s primary electricity provider, cut power to nearly 2 million residents to prevent more wildfires like the massive Kincade fire in Sonoma County from erupting as winds howl across the region.

On Sunday evening the utility cut power to 940,000 homes and businesses; a move that coincided with the arrival of 250 additional agents to reinforce an already sizeable FEMA presence that arrived in northern California when PG&E announced the first round of outages two weeks ago.

According to an agency source, FEMA Acting Director Pete Gaynor ordered the shuffle. The agents, he said, carry no relief supplies but are equipped with enough guns and ammunition to stage a coup in a third world country. They are on scene to harass, intimidate, browbeat, and berate displaced citizens into submission; to compel them to obey without question orders issued by a governing authority—FEMA.

“FEMA never lets a disaster go to waste. Right now, the FEMA agents in northern California are there to impose order and instill fear. We’re not there to hand out food and water, a fact proven by the hours agents have been assigned to work,” our source said.

The agents, he added, are off duty during daylight and prowl the streets at night. They have orders to stop and detain any person found outdoors after dusk in towns that have imposed mandatory dusk-till-dawn curfews. In Eureka, agents pummeled 47-year-old Dennis Farrell, who had violated curfew to help a “wounded” and “confused” senior citizen wandering the streets near his home. When he stepped outdoors, two FEMA agents appeared, threw him to the ground, and beat him with their fists and the buttstocks of their AR-15 rifles. In Salinas, FEMA agents interrogated occupants of a vehicle that stalled on a dead-end road. The driver said he was headed to a hotel but got disoriented driving through a wide blanket of dense smoke. The agents held them at gunpoint for an hour while they ransacked the vehicle under the pretense of conducting a “safety inspection.”

The inspections, our source said, are meant to ferret out firearms owners and persons who espouse anti-government ideology.

“Make no mistake, seizing weapons and isolating subversives are major agency goals. If you have a weapon, FEMA wants it. Or they want you out of the picture. FEMA operates autonomously and is a militarized arm of the government. The Patriot Act gives FEMA unilateral authority. It can indefinitely detain any person for any reason or for no reason in the name of national security,” our source said.

FEMA agents have “special arrest” powers—they may use lethal force on any subject that disobeys a direct order or poses a threat to an agent. How FEMA defines a threat, however, is subjectively determined by an agent. A person impeding an agent’s duty may be beaten, shot, escorted to an internment facility or FEMA barge, or set free, at the agent’s discretion, our source said.

Moreover, he claims FEMA has unlawfully confiscated over 250 rifles, shotguns, and pistols from abandoned homes in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Agents simply enter a house, scour it for weapons, and take whatever they find. If a person files a stolen weapon report with local authorities, he is told looters must have broken into the home and taken the weapons. Local authorities are complicit, and FEMA has jurisdictional authority over city, county, and state law enforcement agencies.

“These are all beta tests done by the FEMA hegemony to prepare for an eventual declaration of Martial Law. I believe it’s coming soon. Civil war is upon us, and FEMA is doing everything in its power to induce it,” our source said.

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Samantha A Whitson

Really appreciate the stories being shared here, yet I am concerned that I’ve been unable to verify the sources- if/when sources are provided. Is it possible to leave more specific links/information as to the verified sources? For instance, I searched for Michael Baxter, the author listed on the above FEMA article, and I found who I believe is this Michael Baxter, but cannot locate this article anywhere else, nor is it listed with his other articles found under his name & credits. Thanks, in advance, for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to hearing back from you.… Read more »


If you are not prepared for what’s coming, I advise you to begin making basic preparations. Have at least food and water stored. If you live in a city, be prepared to go someplace safe. Avoid FEMA at all cost, they are not your friends, and are not there to help you.
If you are not familiar with The Georgia Guidestones Google them and learn from them.