Anunnaki Strike Africa


Moroccan para-military and security forces tracking Saharawi civilians near the city of Ela Aaiun were ambushed and slaughtered by an Anunnaki i raiding party late Friday night, according to a Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) official familiar with Anunnaki incursions worldwide.

The area has been rocked with violence since the 19th, when thousands of Saharawi took to the streets to celebrate the Algerian Football Team’s victory in the Africa cup of nations. At the request of Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani, Moroccan forces began a massive, violent, and deadly repression against civilians.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Moroccan agents killed 35 protestors, including woman and children, before finally meeting their match: the Anunnaki.

At 3:45 a.m., a Russian intelligence analyst, Yulian Sorokin, at the FSB’s Special Projects Division intercepted an encrypted radio transmission stating that a 6-man para-military team had encountered 9-foot-tall bipedal “monsters” with “hooks for hands, and teeth like needles” while pursuing “degenerate looters” on the outskirts of Ela Aaiun.

“Three creatures, which they described as lanky, gaunt, and having concave skulls, emerged from the shadows to attack them. Much of the transmission was garbled, and we had to reconstruct piece of it. The soldiers said the skin of the creatures shimmered. The soldiers are heard screaming for their lives, and in the background, we heard a high-pitch inhuman wail, like a banshee. There are a few sounds of Kalashnikov fire. And then only screams. And then only silence. We can assume these were Anunnaki and that they killed the Moroccan soldiers,” Sorokin said.

The surreal report further suggests the Anunnaki may have devoured their prey. Sorokin said the grisly sound of flesh being ripped from bone was heard once the screaming stopped.

“We have evidence Anunnaki eat their victims. This has happened in Syria, Yemen, and Russia. But we are not certain they are predacious. The eating of victims could be an intimidation tactic. What is certain is the Anunnaki are broadening the battlefield—this is the first recorded attack in East Africa,” Sorokin said.

Asked how the Kremlin has practically real-time data on Anunnaki invasions across the globe, Sorokin gave only vague answers, saying Vladimir Putin spent trillions of rubles on an Anunnaki detection grid that covers most of the Eastern Hemisphere. However, the villainous creatures’ ability to vanish at will makes tracking them a difficult task. Their network of transdiminsial portals, which only they can see, provide instantaneous escape from nearly any encounter, if they wish to flee.

“We now how weapons to stun and even kill them,” Sorokin said. “But we must have the advantage of surprise to be effective. Following the attack, Putin contacted the Moroccan Prime Minister and told him it’s in Morocco’s interest to not make public the attack and instead let him handle it. I do not know what the outcome of the conversation was.”

Meanwhile, Putin is finalizing plans for a massive assault on an Anunnaki enclave in the Idlib Province of Syria. It is scheduled to commence in coming weeks.

Twisted Truth can also exclusively confirm that Pope Francis in Rome sent Putin another cease-and-desist letter to, demanding he halt his iniquitous war on the genocidal species.

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