Russia Battles Anunnaki in Norwegian Territory


Russian Special Forces on Saturday engaged and destroyed an Anunnaki outpost in Norwegian territory, according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dimitri Osmosovich.

He claimed that on October 3 Russian tactical drones surveilling the Arctic Circle spotted signs of Anunnaki activity near a mammoth cave on Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago situated midway between Norway and the North Pole. Osmosovich said the newly designed drones are coated with a “stealth paint” that renders them invisible to the spectrum of Anunnaki eyesight and are fitted with optics that even at “extreme altitudes” can discriminate Anunnaki from terrestrial lifeforms. Though not armed, the drones transmit real-time video and tactical data to operators at Russia’s Metzgoya extraterrestrial research station in the Ural Mountains.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, analyzed the intelligence and directed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to assemble a 12-man Spetznas team to infiltrate and destroy the Anunnaki den. He took these actions despite irremediable tensions with Nordic neighbors who in the past have expressed outrage over Russian military exercises in the vicinity.

“These people think we are preparing to invade them. This belief is based on hysteria, western lies, and propaganda. If we wanted to take Norway, Sweden, and Denmark—everyone there would be speaking Russian by now. We have no interest in antagonizing them, but we will take any and all action necessary to rid the planet of Anunnaki invaders,” Osmosovich said.

He added that Russia can and will, wherever and whenever necessary, combat the Anunnaki scourge, as is evidenced by the most recent encounter.

In the predawn hours of October 5, the Spetznas unit was airdropped onto a plateau three kilometers southeast of the Anunnaki cave. They were equipped with acoustic and energy weapons, as well as a revolutionary type of new ammunition. Metzgoya also provided them with a new kind of optical viewing device that allegedly allows the wearer to see the otherwise invisible portals used by the Anunnaki to instantaneously teleport from one location to another.

Osmosovich said the team encountered only three Anunnaki villains guarding the cave. They dispatched them easily, without a single Russian casualty. They found a small cache of alien technology, which was sent to Metzgoya for analysis, and some sort of “data pad” that Russian intelligence officers believe may hold plans for Anunnaki incursions across the globe. They rigged and detonated the cave with explosives to destroy a pair of interdimensional portals the Anunnaki had used to ingress and egress the area.

“We hope the Anunnaki are realizing that we have developed technology to counter their defenses and put them on the defensive. This is the most critical battle of our lifetime, and President Putin has pulled out all stops. We used to be lambs for the slaughter, but now we can fight back and hopefully either force these vermin from the planet or eradicate them,” Osmosovich said.

In closing, Osmosovich admitted technological advancements may not be enough to defeat dauntless Anunnaki warriors, especially since they frequently seek to avenge fallen brethren and retaliate against those who infringe on what the Anunnaki perceive their domain.

Nevertheless, Osmosovich believes Russian ingenuity has brought parity to the battlefield.

“Now that we’re winning some battles, we are better suited to win the war. Putin won’t stop, not until his last breath. He only wishes other nations would stop thinking the Anunnaki are just bogeymen and would join his battle against them to save humankind and the planet,” Osmosovich said.

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