Putin Fires Generals Over Nibiru/Anunnaki Dispute


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday fired three generals that castigated his decision to budget cash toward his Anunnaki war rather than devote assets and money to preparing the nation for an impending Nibiru apocalypse, according to a Ministry of Defense official speaking under promise of anonymity.

The criticism of Putin’s decision emerged shortly after he addressed the Federal Cabinet of Ministers, telling them he had obtained new information proving that Nibiru would not achieve perigee by early 2020. Therefore, Putin opted to spend the nation’s cash on fighting the extraterrestrials with whom he has been engaged in a silent and clandestine war since 2013.

Lieutenant General Viktor Ledenev, deputy head of the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Novosibirsk Region, said Putin’s misplaced trust in Roscosmos—Russia’s version of NASA—jeopardized millions of Russian lives. Ledenev argued Roscosmos may have unintentionally given Putin “sour information” based on a corruption scandal that rocked the Russian space agency last August. On August 18, the Federal Service Bureau, the principal security agency of Russia, identified, exposed, and later executed two Mossad agents working at Roscosmos. Somehow, they had defeated a rigorous screening process to gain employment as IT specialists. The FSB later discovered they had seeded the space agency’s computer network with “dangerous and damaging” false data on everything from rocket geometry to calculations on Nibiru’s orbit through the solar system. In September, Roscosmos Director Alexander Bortnikov assured Putin the bad data had been purged from the system, and said engineers restored the original data from fail-safe backups.

“General Ledenev told Putin that while the Anunnaki are a great threat, he should not ignore the coming of Nibiru. He got very loud with Putin—something that is not done. And Putin, in Trumpian fashion, told him ‘you’re fired’ and swore to replace him with a general who knows how to follow orders. His getting fired was not the only one,” our source said.

Putin also terminated Major General Alexander Knyazev, head of the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Defense for Issues of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Management in the Republic of Komi. He said Putin’s bumptious obsession with the Anunnaki compromised his judgement and precluded his ability to sanely make decisions involving Nibiru. He demanded Putin cede authority on matters of Nibiru to “military experts” familiar with the dark star’s threat to the Russian Federation. He urged Putin to focus on Nibiru and make fighting the Anunnaki a secondary priority.

“Needless to say, President Putin was not pleased. He told Knyazev anyone not making the Anunnaki a top priority is as good as an Anunnaki collaborator and not fit for command. He fired him with extreme prejudice. Putin never wants to see him again. He told him to get out of his sight,” our source said.

The phalanx of criticism did not end there. General Lavro Dmitrievich, a ground forces commander and veteran of the Chechen War, said Putin’s crusade against the Anunnaki endangered countless Russian lives. His forces, he added, had for years trained to quell civil unrest that might surface in the aftermath of Nibiru’s passage through the solar system. He had neither the time nor inclination to retrain soldiers to fight alien invaders, he said, and bashed Putin’s myopic resolve to fight a war he cannot win.

“Dmitrievich told Putin too many Russian soldiers are already fighting the Anunnaki and dying in battle. He even had the nerve to suggest Putin strike a deal with the alien scum. Like the others, Putin fired him and said he was lucky not to be sent to the gulag for his disobedience. In Putin’s eyes, anyone not in line with his anti-Anunnaki plans is not fit for service in the Russian military, regardless of rank. I suspect others may soon be fired, too,” our source said.

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