Russian Government Resigns Amid Anunnaki Disputes


Russian TASS news agency reported on Wednesday that the entire government resigned after President Putin delivered his annual State of the Union Address that proposed significant amendments to the nation’s constitution. Our sources, however, claim the mass resignation is a response to irreconcilable differences ministers had with Putin frivolously spending Russia’s defense budget on the Anunnaki War.

Although the official narrative says Putin thanked the ministers for their exceptional work and asked them to function as caretakers until a new government can be formed, our source said an interminable Putin upbraided their failure to recognize the flourishing Anunnaki threat. When President Putin in 2013 learned of and decided to engage the Anunnaki scourge, certain ministers had challenged his support of, what they called, a private, expensive crusade against an unbeatable foe. They said Putin was wasting money needed for combatting Western encroachment in the Middle East. But the vocal minority of that era could not squelch the overwhelming support Putin received from a cabinet majority. But times change, as do opinions, and the ministers who once championed Putin’s unbridled war suddenly turned on him, saying his improvident spending jeopardized the security of the Russian Federation.

Our source said Putin learned that the Cabinet of Ministers held secret meetings at which high-ranking officials, including Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, clandestinely plotted Putin’s political demise.

“President Putin learned of their treachery. He discovered they met in secret, without his knowledge, and were conspiring to overthrow him because they disagreed with spending trillions of rubles on developing tech to fight the Anunnaki. They planned to besmirch his good name and convince the world he had gone mad. Putin gave them an ultimatum: Resign gracefully, or face life in gulag for treasonous crimes. Some pleaded for mercy, asking to keep their jobs, saying they were just following the majority. But Putin held them all equally responsible and said either everyone resigns, or everyone goes to prison. No exceptions,” our source said.

In cabinet meetings in November and December, Putin said the MoD determined that the number of Anunnaki in Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan had tripled, and to fight that threat he intended to repurpose 610 billion rubles ($10bn USD) of the national defense fund to eliminate the invasive species. Putin was not open to debate, and anyone challenging his motives was labeled a coward. His refusal to hear refuting arguments and his indecorous behavior may have contributed to the ministers’ perfidious actions.

The mass resignation, however, leaves Putin in a quandary; the ministers were responsible for conveying Putin’s orders in matters involving the Anunnaki to the generals that ordered strikes on the alien strongholds. Without them, or a provisional government, a gap in the chain-of-command may hinder future assaults on Anunnaki sanctums until Putin installs a new government sympathetic to his goal of eradicating Anunnaki life on Earth. The installation of a new government will pose an insurmountable challenge, as Putin must weed out potential insurgents that might once more rebel against him.

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