FEMA Buys Assault Rifles from China


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has signed a purchase agreement with Beijing-based weapon manufacturer Norinco that will deliver into the agency’s rapacious hands 5,000 CQ-A rifles, a clone of the M4A1 carbine used by U.S. military and various law enforcement agencies.

A FEMA source speaking under promise of anonymity said Acting Director Pete Gaynor brokered the deal shortly after his predecessor, Brock Long, resigned amid allegations of financial misconduct. He asserts that Gaynor contacted Norinco manager Kum Hai, asking how long the nefarious arms company would take to produce and deliver 5,000 assault rifles. In addition to the carbines, Gaynor ordered for FEMA 250 NDM-86 sniper rifles, Chinese knockoffs of the legendary Russian Dragonuv. Norinco has promised delivery by March 31, 2020, our source said. China’s government approved an export license, and the U.S. State Department as well as Customs and Immigration Enforcement guaranteed the shipment will arrive unhindered at FEMA’s port of choice.

He admits he does not know why Gaynor circumvented normal firearms procurement channels to illicitly buy the Chinese-made weapons, especially since FEMA already has an enormous arsenal tucked away beneath Mount Weather, the agency’s primary base of operations since 1979.

But Gaynor’s bizarre and convoluted delivery instructions clearly show that FEMA wants no public mention or record of the arms sale. The agreement calls for the weapons to be placed in wooden shipping crates labeled as produce. The crates will be stacked aboard a Liberian-flagged freighter travelling from the Port of Shanghai to Miami. From there, FEMA intends to transport the firearms by rail to Mount Weather, where they will be stored until FEMA feels the time is right to mobilize against the citizenry.

Only recently has FEMA started buying munitions from sources abroad. In 2017, the agency bought guillotine blades from a Mexican metal fabrication plant and hundreds of liters of hydrogen cyanide gas from a Brazilian chemical manufacturer. Its last significant domestic purchase of guns or ammunition was in 2013—1.6 billion rounds of 5.56 and 9mm ammunition from Federal American Eagle and PMC, enough ammunition to sustain a hot war for 20+ years.

In recent years, the agency began clandestinely reaching out to overseas suppliers for weapons, ammo, and tactical gear, ostensibly to avoid paper trails; many overseas purchases, our source said, go unreported and are paid for with cash or gold, an unabashed departure from FEMA’s historical stance on the domestic purchase of firearms. The agency, our source said, continually makes purchases to upgrade and improve its armory, but the most recent, surreptitious acquisition marks a detestable epoch in its dark history—it is (to our knowledge) the first time FEMA brokered a weapons sale with a communist-controlled firearms conglomerate.

Even so, the paltry purchase of 5,000 rifles might seem trivial since FEMA has an estimated 52,000 fully automatic rifles and an incalculable quantity of ammunition stashed in the underbelly of Mount Weather. Our source posits a few reasons why FEMA restrained its purchase to a mere 5,000 units rather than simply overhaul its arsenal in a single purchase.

“Gaynor might be testing the waters, wanting to make sure the weapons perform to his satisfaction before expanding his purchase. This strategy aligns with prior domestic and foreign purchases, and I’m sure Norinco told Gaynor 5,000 was the smallest order they’d take. He’s probably looking to replace the AR-15s and M16A1s that have been collecting dust at Weather. FEMA has enough black budget cash to indefinitely arm itself, and Gaynor is more than willing to spend that cash to keep FEMA competitive with a dangerous, armed civilian population. It doesn’t care who it pays to improve its strength as a militant branch of the U.S. Government,” our source said.

The agency, he added, loves spending money as much as it loves guns, and has a cavalier attitude toward government frugality. In 2016, it spent 50 million dollars on new uniforms and a hefty 600 million on heavily armored personnel carriers, repatriated from the Iraqi and Afghani theaters of operation. It also took delivery (apparently through the  Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico VA, via the manufacturer – Navistar Defense LLC) of an undetermined number of the recently retrofitted ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States—at $6,000,000 a pop.

“FEMA’s willingness to shop at home and abroad are part of its goal to diversify its armament. If one source dries up, there’s always ten more. And since Norinco builds everything from sidearms to assault rifles, from anti-riot guns to anti-tank defense systems, and from main battle tanks to portable laser disturber that vaporizes whatever its beam strikes, making it the perfect company for FEMA to deal with. The recent assault rifle purchase is probably a drop in the bucket for what’s to come” our source said.

FEMA’s desire to purchase arms to use against a civilian population it disdains is a clear sign that the agency is running amuck and that Gaynor or a future FEMA director will seek to install himself as Supreme Leader of the United States.

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Huron Lee Rose
Huron Lee Rose

Jus too funny that ChiCom/NOR-thern IN-dustries CO-mpany weapons cant be legally imported into the American civilian arms market…~BUT~ if your a U.S alphabet agency then its NO PROBLEMO!?

The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven!

Im still weeping over the Norinco heavy n’ long barrel’d RPK AK47 I bought n’ sold for 300$ years back, currently due to the import ban that very same weapon fetches the 1300-1500$ dollar area!…


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