Trump Tells Pope Francis: “We’re Going To Nibiru, Whether You Like It Or Not.”


Having survived impeachment charges and now with one less albatross around his neck, Trump found time Thursday evening to pen a scathing response to Vatican demands that he not use the United States Space Force to visit Nibiru, according to a White House insider speaking under promise of anonymity.

As reported previously, a Vatican emissary on January 17 delivered a letter written by Pope Francis to Donald Trump at the White House. It bore an imprint of the Pontiff’s Piscatory Ring, also called the Ring of the Fisherman for its depiction of Peter fishing from a boat. The gist of the letter was simple: Do not visit Nibiru. All you will find there is death.

Besides the previously mentioned warning, Twisted Truth has learned added details surrounding the Pope’s letter and Trump’s incendiary response.

Twisted Truth can now reveal that the Pope’s correspondence held more than a mere mention of an unfriendly alien race. While it does not name the extraterrestrial species, it does say that two centuries ago the Vatican and Pope Pius VI struck a fragile truce with a race of crystalline entities that inhabited the 6th planet of the Nibiru system, after nearly enraging them to wage war on Earth. Pope Francis’s letter described them as technologically superior beings that once inhabited magnificent cities and colossal skyscrapers that rose miles above the planet surface, but in 1843 an “eternal cataclysm” laid waste to the planet, rendering it uninhabitable and forcing inhabitants underground.

Prior to the cataclysm, Jesuit scholars at the Vatican had seen the planet through an advanced and potent telescope, which penetrated dense clouds of red iron oxide dust surrounding the system. In his letter, the Pope confessed the exotic telescope was built of extraterrestrial components and guarded by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a Vatican sect tasked with guarding its secrets. Somehow, Nibiru’s xenophobic race found out they were under observation and sent an emissary to the Vatican with a warning: Don’t spy on us, and we won’t bother you.

“If the pope’s letter is to be believed, the race on Nibiru once traveled the cosmos but, for unknown reasons, at some point became isolationists. The Pope wrote that the Vatican concealed knowledge of this species because disclosure would undermine the foundation of religious beliefs worldwide. He also warned Trump that trying to visit Nibiru will antagonize the lifeforms there, possibly to the detriment of all life on Earth. The Pope also noted another reason to steer clear of the Nibiru system,” our source said.

The swirling clouds of red iron oxide dust that envelop the Nibiru System have driven men mad, the Pope alleged.  The churning maelstrom holds an unidentified element that does not appear on the Periodic Table, and exposure to the metallic particulates radically alters human brain chemistry. Approximately 3700 years ago, when the dark star and its orbiting bodies last intersected our solar system, trillions of tons of red dust penetrated the atmosphere and rained down upon the planet. Anyone caught beneath the blinding curtain of crimson dust had his brains scrambled like an egg and suffered complete and irreversible amnesia. People forgot how to eat; they forgot how to pee. Their friends became their enemies and their enemies became their friends.

The Pope warned Trump that astronauts aboard United State Space Force ships would incur similar harmful effects the moment they neared the red iron oxide barrier, as no hull, manmade or extraterrestrial, can repel the deadly dust.

“President Trump, if, as your scientists predict, Nibiru is stuck in space, then you should be eternally thankful, for its immobility means the lethal oxide will not saturate Earth and enfeeble mankind, as it did three millennium ago. If your nation indeed has the scientific prowess to reach Nibiru, venturing there will endanger your pilots and humanity. Nibiru’s natural residents will probably interpret visitation as an intrusion and retaliate. I urge you, President Trump, to reconsider. Do not go to Nibiru,” the Pope purportedly wrote.

Trump’s written response bashed the Pope for promoting “fairytales” that might frighten small children but would not deter a manned expedition to at last determine why Nibiru was stuck in space and whether it poses a future threat to life on Earth. Trump said that neither he nor his administration recognized Vatican authority over Nibiru, and he accused the Pope of being “possessively jealous” because the Vatican, despite centuries of research, failed to comprehend the mysteries of Nibiru. Moreover, Trump said Nibiru was a vapid wasteland, devoid of life, according to his scientific advisor, Dr. Kelvin Droegmeir.

“You should focus your efforts on reigning in your criminal priests and not worry about us going to Nibiru. Your stories don’t scare me. We’re going to Nibiru, whether you like it or not,” Trump’s note closed.

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